The HuGoDeCA data portal gathers datasets about Human Gonad Developmental Cells,  resulting either from single cell analysis (scRNAseq / scATACseq), Spatial Transcriptomics (ST), In Situ Sequencing data (ISS) or 3D cleared-sample imaging.

OMICS data

scRNAseq, scATACseq, spatial transcriptomics

The goal of this study is to analyze the comprehensive transcriptional dynamics of cell types populating the male and female developing fetal gonads at a single-cell level and to study cell lineage specification programs in early human fetal gonads development (XX=15, XY=15) from 6 to 12 postconceptional weeks. Two sampled version of the datasets are available for now.

This dataset results from the scRNA-seq analysis performed to understand how cell lineage differentiation is affected by the manipulation of the DHH signaling pathway.  The manipulation has been done with known receptor agonists (e.g. SAG) and inhibitors (e.g. cyclopamine) of the different steps of this pathway on organotypic cultures of 7 PCW testes. 


3D imaging of solvent-cleared organs (3DISCO), 2D cell maps (ISS)
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